iPad Update

iPad Updates and Timetable/Rulebook Issues.


The Superintendent has installed an iPad automatic updater station at the Terminal. 

You can plug in your iPad and once unlocked, the device auto updates your iOs to the newest version in a matter of minutes. 

You do not need to do anything other than plug in and unlock your iPad to get it to work.

Please take advantage of the updater if you need to update, it is much faster than using the download feature on the iPad itself.



It has come to our attention the "Rules & TT's" app on your company supplied iPad needs to be deleted and redownloaded.

Currently, the app is not updating with the most current General Orders and General Notices.

BNSF's IT Department is working on correcting this issue.

For now, you will need to delete the app and redownload it to be sure you are able to get the most current rule changes.

Nov 10, 2022 Category: General Posted by: kc6nkk
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